Little Bridge is an online community where children learn key skills together using a shared language, English.

Our gamified activities use the power of story telling and take place in the context of a virtual town where students enjoy an immersive learning experience.

Used at school and at home in 100+ countries.

For Children

'It teaches me how to say things in English, I love the stories and the characters. And I can speak with people from Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Greece , Great Britain , Thailand and South Korea. I have so many friends in the world.'

Student, Chile

For Parents

'It's not just about learning words - it's about being part of this English-speaking world and understanding fundamental structures but in a way that's truly entertaining. My children love spending time in Little Bridge!'

Parent, Spain

For Teachers

'Little Bridge has transformed the teaching of English. It provides the best language foundation I have ever known. But, more importantly, children want to learn, they want to reach out to their classmates and to their new global friends using English as the tool. For them it's like a window on the world!'

Teacher, Chile

"A student must care about new information or consider it important for it to be stored as a long-term memory.

Memories with personal meaning are most likely to become relational and long-term memories available for later retrieval.” 

 Dr. Judy Will, Neurologist & Educator