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Little Bridge is a wonderful opportunity for children aged 6-12 to learn and connect safely with their peers around the world - in English

  • Focused on communication and adapted to meet every child's language learning needs
  • 1000+ playful & engaging games to practise listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Builds important 21st century skills - communication, curiosity, critical thinking and creativity
  • Research-backed and teacher validated. Proven around the world

The Digipals community in Little Bridge

  • Based on friendship. Learning to live together, on a global scale.
  •  Unites children who want to learn English with those who already speak English and want to make international friends.
  • We take children further than ever by bringing them closer together!

Parent, Italy

'It’s too cool for words! The first thing my child asks when he gets home is can he connect to Little Bridge. He’s learning English with other children online.’

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Class Teacher, Temuco, Chile

'It's the best language foundation I have ever known. Little Bridge has transformed the teaching of English. For children it's like a window on the world!’

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  • Parents and teachers know that in this connected world it’s important to learn English.
  • With Little Bridge each child builds essential language skills and gets to practise every day!
  • Parents and teachers are always in control with easy- to-use dashboards.

Research-backed, tested and proven to work

Adopted by national governments

Aligned with internationally recognised standards