We believe the best way to learn and improve your English is to use it!

Little Bridge is a unique combination of award-winning, structured English Language learning AND a safe, international network for children aged 6-12 years to make friends and communicate in a shared language - English.

Little Bridge is trusted by children, parents and teachers in 140+ countries worldwide. We are changing how children engage with social media and how they learn and use English. So we take online safety very seriously, which is why Little Bridge is a strictly moderated community.

Our children have not only learned English but have also learned respect and trust between different races, between people in different circumstances. I think it’s a program that invites them not only to learn the language but also to understand one another so that we can live together in greater harmony.

Claudia Tamez Medina - Director, Moderno Tepeyac, Mexico City
For Children

It really helps me to learn. Before, I couldn't do it at all. It's a fantastic way of learning English.

Child, France

For Parents

I’m not sure what happens in class, but Little Bridge has become more popular than football stickers in the playground! The best thing is that he is very interested in seeing other connected users around the world and he wants to write to them.

Parent, Italy

For Teachers

Little Bridge has transformed the teaching of English. It provides the best language foundation I have ever known. But, more importantly, children want to learn, they want to reach out to their classmates and to their new global friends using English as the tool. For them it's like a window on the world!

Teacher, Chile